What Concert To Choose For A Date

August 8, 2018

Most people think that a first date should be reserved to a cup of coffee or a dinner in a restaurant. No matter if it was a friend’s party where you’ve met someone, a random meeting in the street or you’ve been using this website to find a partner, the common oppinion that a successful first date must be a standard one. However, have you ever considered going on a date at a concert for the first time? Let’s take a few at a few different things to consider when it comes to choosing a concert for a date.

  • Is The Music Right For You?

Couples are into very different things, and music is frequently one of them. You might be into hip hop and you might be into country. The fact of the matter is that music is one of those things that can be excruciating for people who do not appreciate a certain type. So the very first thing you need to do is to make sure that you are choosing a concert that plays multiple types of music that you both like or music that you can tolerate. After all, the first date is the best place to set the framework for the rest of the relationship, so you need to learn to compromise.

  • Ensure That The Concert Crowd Enjoyable

Everyone has been to a concert where the crowd has been rowdy and you had to be a little extra careful not to get into trouble. Whether it was at a metal concert’s mosh pit or anywhere else, you have to make sure that you are not putting your date in danger by going out to the concert. Nobody wants to get beer spilled on them, a black eye, or yelled at by other patrons when they are trying to have a good time on a date.

  • The Venue Should Be Affordable

Just because you love Celine Dion and want to go see her for the only day she is going to be in your city does not mean it is a good place to take a date. No matter how much you want to sway your love in your arms while singing “My heart will go on”, it is going to cost a lot of money. Unless you are paying for both of you willingly, you need to make sure you are not going to break your bank to go on a single date.

  • Close To Home (If Possible)

There is nothing worse than having to travel in a cramped car for two hours to get to a concert with your date. Anything can go wrong. The car could break down, you might get hungry, or you might even pick a fight with your date. So try to find a concert that is happening nearby so you can both have a short ride there and home.

  • Go To A Concert You Both Will Like

While musical taste is an important factor in the overall concert selection, make sure that you are going to a concert where you can both be involved. Even if your favorite band is not playing, you should be able to find cool merchandise or other people to have fun with at the concert. Not every date is about being completely passionate about one part of the day, sometimes it is more important to be there with the right people

Concerts can be difficult to choose as a date destination. However, if you do choose to go to a concert, especially on a first date, be aware of these rules set forth here. By being aware of your desires and those of your significant other, you can both have a good time. Most importantly, you can ensure that there will be a second date.



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