What is The Role of Your IP Address

An IP address is an address that is unique to each device. It serves as an identification number for devices on the internet. One can also use it to identify devices on a local network. The term “IP” means “Internet Protocol.” This is a set of rules or network protocols that guide the format in which data is sent through the internet. So what is my ip address? This article will highlight the role of your IP address.

How does an IP address look?


An IP address comes in the format of a set of four numbers that are separated by periods. The four numbers in the address usually span from 0 -255. The figures in the address cannot go beyond the number “255.” A typical IP address would look like

How IP addresses are Generated

People have a misconception that experts generate IP addresses randomly. This line of thought is due to the massive amounts of devices present in our world today. There are doubts that it would be possible to actually generate different IP addresses for every single device in the world without it being random.

There is a body that is responsible for generating IP addresses for devices. People know the body as the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). They generate the IP addresses mathematically.

What does an IP address do?

An IP address does two major things. You can use it to identify the host or the network interface. It also offers the ability to create a path to the host, by providing the location of the host. More so, it works by providing a particular identity to a device. It also helps to indicate the address where the device is located.

Internet Service Providers assign IP addresses to devices. Also, all activities that require the use of the internet go through an ISP. It is the duty of your service provider to assign your device’s IP address.

This is why IP addresses are not constant. In fact, IP addresses change as fast as you change your service provider. Your IP address also changes based on where you are.  If you are in another country or city, there is no way your IP address would remain the same.

You can easily know your IP address and location by checking online. Some websites offer this service.

Does Your IP Address Impact Your Connection Speed?

Your IP address cannot affect your connection speed. however, you can check the speed by carrying out a speed test online. the process is relatively easy. It is actually important to test the speed of your internet Also, this would ensure you are paying the right price for the internet service you are getting. 

Typically, companies charge higher for faster internet connections than slower ones. Some sites would not function properly if your internet speed is too slow. You might be confused if you are not aware that your slow internet is the reason these sites are acting up.

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