WhatsApp Cancels Update – No Policy Changes Until May

Sunday, January 17, 2021, 12:35 PM

There was an in-app notification on WhatsApp asking users to agree to new terms by February 8th or they would lose access to their accounts, 

Users were being informed that whattsapp receives information from and gives information to Facebook and they had to agree to the terms by a specific time or stop using the platform.


However, users and privacy experts launched an alarm and a Global backlash was triggered. This caused the date to be changed from February 8 to May 15.

They are also planning to do a lot more to clear up the misinformation that they say has been spread about how privacy and information sharing works on the App.

The information was shared in a blog update on Friday.

The App is now owned by Facebook and as of July 2020 there were over 50million Businesses using it globally.

People around the world have been signing up to whatsapp alternatives such as Signal and Telegram like never before.

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