White Men Attack Black Teens Allegedly for Swimming in Pool Reserved for White People – Watch Video

In a now-viral video circulating on social media, two black South African teen boys were allegedly attacked by three white males because they used a whites-only pool.

Footage of the incident was captured by a bystander and shared on Twitter on December 25 by the victims’ sister, who goes by the Twitter handle Tumii Frost. According to Frost, the family went to spend the day at the Maselspoort Resort & Conference Centre in Free State, South Africa, but her brothers were attacked by the men because they were not allowed in the pool as it’s reserved for the “white people.”

In the footage, what happened before the physical altercation is not clear, but one teen in the pool is seemingly told to get out but is pushed back in when he tries to do so. One of the men grabs the other teen by his throat, and as he fights back, another white male grabs him forcibly by the hair. Before the video ends, the seemingly older teen is held in a headlock by one of the men, and after the pair are pushed into the pool, the man appears to hold the teen’s head underwater.

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Following the incident, the boys’ family filed a case of common assault against the three men. But following a review by the local authorities, the incident is currently being investigated as attempted murder. Three men have since been arrested, with two identified as Johan Nel and Jan Stephanus van der Westhuizen.

Nel and Westhuizen have appeared in court for common assault and crimen injuria, which is unlawfully, intentionally, and seriously impairing the dignity of another. Reports state that the third suspect will appear in court on Thursday for attempted murder.

Watch the video below.

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