White Wing residents said They are Not in any War after Three Men were Murdered

Three men were shot and killed in the community of White Wing in St Andrew on Tuesday night, leaving the community with a terrible trauma. The men were at the shop sitting on a bench, they were Mark Pinnock, Andrew Clarke, who owned the shop and Gilbert Wade a labourer. 

Clarke was married for 17 years and had 5 children who depend on him. Sources revealed that 3 communities were at war, Majesty Gardens, Bell Rock and White Wing. The residents who were willing to speak about the issue stated that the didn’t know about the war, they only knew that there were teenagers and children who were going to school and working men in the community, so they should not be targeted.

it was reported that Pinnock went to the shop to buy food and decided to stop and talk with his friends for a while before he was shot. 

The residents said one man was killed in the community on Monday and now residents will not be coming out of their homes as they fear to lose their lives.

The Assistant Commissioner, Devon Watkis is appealing with residents to stop engaging in a continuos gang feud. He is also asking persons who were friends before the feud began, to seek counseling and stop killing each other.

The commissioner also expressed sympathy and said he was confident that there will be an end to the violence one day.

The police have asked the persons who saw what happened, to come forward with any information that can help them to put an end to the violence.

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