February 25, 2019

Brother says British Link-up Boss was a good man. Unsure who murdered his brother and what their motive was, ‘Father Fowl’s sibling is taking no chances.

He was not prepared to give his name to sources when caught up with him at Wavel Avenue, off Waltham Prak Road in Kingston yesterday Evening.


The brother, who we have dubbed as Brother Fowl, was in tears as he spoke with a family member via cellphone.

He said he was weak and not sure who would want to do such a “wicked thing” to his brother.

‘Father Fowl’, was a music promoter an is well known as leader of their British Link up Crew. The flamboyant character, whose given name is Owen Clarke, aged 62, was shot and killed by armed men early Saturday morning.

Reports from the Half-way Tree police department is that, Clarke AKA ‘Roy Fowl’, Of Wavel Avenue, Kingston 11, was at a party in Kencot, Kingston 5, when armed men traveling on a motorcycle rode up and opened fire hitting him.

Brother Fowl said that since the death of his brother, he has broken down many times and is still in shock about what happened.

“Right now, mi just weak and don’t even know what to do. The wickedest thing is that he died and leave eight children behind”, the brother said.


As the Second youngest of five children brother Fowl said that the family is not taking the news well and his 97-year-old mother is heartbroken.

“It really, really bad,” he said.

Brother Fowl said he is very upset with what is being said about his brother.


Father Fowl was the leader of an international drug ring for many years. He was found guilty in a London court for producing, supplying and possessing crack cocaine. He was sentenced to 13 years in prison, which was later reduced to 11 years after an appeal.

Brother Fowl went on to say that,


“What they are doing is not fair towards the family because certain things that people are saying and that the media is saying are not true. A bare good him do to people. From before him go prison and went him come back, mi nuh see him do nothing out of the way. Him normally go every and anywhere and him love carry him friend them go with him. Mi and him would normally go out as well, but mi nuh too inna di party thing like that,” he said.

The Wavel Avenue resident told sources that he remembers the last time he spoke to his brother.

“Last Thursday was the last day we talk. Mi a go out to the shop and him call to me and him a seh, ‘yuh nuh hear weh dem seh, yuh nuh have nuh gyal’. Mi turn round and seh, ‘Mi know mi nuh have no gyal, mi a Christian so mi good,’ and mi seh: ‘Mi wi kick yuh up enuh bwoy, and we laugh and gwan,” he said.

Brother Fowl, who describe himself as a Christian, said his brother was unfairly targeted. He said that they were rumors going on around that people wanted to kill him and he warned him about it, but his brother was a lover of life and took things and a bit too lightly. He said that he is broken because he knew that Father Fowl wanted better for everyone.

“Some bwoy did wah start summin the other day from what I hear, but him cut it dung and tell the man dem fi go drink it out. Him keep parties and fish fry and him just love to have a good time. Mi just wish him did listen to me and other people way did a warn him bout way we did hear ago happen,” Brother Fowl said


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