Who Shot Bob Marley?

Wednesday, May 13, 2020, 11:28 PM

On 3 December 1976 Bob Marley was shot at his residence and was taken to hospital. He was shot in the chest and arm by unknown assassins, and his wife and manager who were along with him seriously got injured as well.

Bob Marley was scheduled to perform at a concert in two days, “Smile Jamaica”, a free concert organised by the Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley in an attempt to ease the tension between two warring political groups but this concert was not welcomed by some JLP members.


The primary aim of arranging the show was to ease the tensions of the politics that had taken over Jamaica in 1976.

Bob Marley was gaining fame and attention in Europe and America, and the assassination attempt on him was a shock to his millions of fans. People believe that the murder attempt happened because he promoted freedom.

The assassins shot him to stop him from participating in polical affairs has he may help the PNP win another term in power but Bob’s message to the people was nutral and he did not take any side in the political divided.

A documentary on Netflix covered the possible suspects and the people who could have shot Bob Marley. When Bob Marley appeared on a TV show, he was asked if he was aware of whom the attacker was.

On the show, he said he didn’t know any such person, but it is rumored that after the cameras were off, he told the host of the show that he is aware of the identity of the attacker.

He also shared with him that the attacker didn’t get punished. The documentary about Bob Marley is exciting and engaging, and you should watch it if you want to know more about him.

The songwriter and singer died due to cancer in 1981. Thirty-nine years have passed since Jamaican reggae legend Bob Marley died.

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