Why You Should Not Use Same Passwords On different sites

Why you shouldn’t use a single password for every site?

Passwords are simply inevitable part of our life today! Right from accessing your bank account, purchasing items from online shops, accessing your own computer, to sending emails, a user is prompted to create a password.

Your password however can become one of your pitfalls that can cost you valuable information or even have your bank account wiped clean. How can a password designed to protect you be the cause of your worst nightmare? Well, It is how your handle your passwords that makes the difference between being totally secure and being vulnerable.

Devising a way to manage your passwords is an invaluable step that every user should embrace so as to stay secure. If you are looking for a password manager then you might want to consider KeePass portable. It allows you to store all your password in one place and it’s free.

Dangers of reusing one password for every site

One common mistake that users are guilty of is that they use the same passwords on different sites. With cybercrime on the rise and hackers becoming more sophisticated, one password, is simply not enough. If a hacker gets access to one password then there is a high chance that he might try it on other sites including the banking sites.

Here are the reasons why you should not use same password on different sites

  • Compromising your financial information

If your password for your bank account is similar to the passwords you are using across other sites then you are putting your finances at risk. It even gets worse if you are sharing other details such as email addresses and phone numbers across these platforms. If the password falls on the wrong hands then a hacker can get access to your finances and any other site that you are using the same password.

  • Data breaching and unwanted advertising

Hackers often mine information so that they can sell to unscrupulous advertising agents. A hacker can use your password to access your personal information and sell the same to marketing agents. In the process you may end up becoming a target where products and services that you do not need are forced down your throat by rogue advertisers.

  • Impersonation

Keeping your information safe is really important lest you find yourself in trouble of being impersonated. Hackers can steal your information and use it to commit fraud or even worse buy goods and services from online stores.

Importance of passwords and why you should keep them safe

Passwords are important and keeping them safe is equally important. It is always important to remember to create strong password so as to lower the possibility of hackers guessing your password. Besides, it is important to create different strong passwords for all your different site. The only downside of creating different strong passwords for different sites is that you may end up forgetting the passwords. Luckily, keePass portable can help you to manage all your passwords in one place.

Image: one master password is required in KeePass portable.

Features of KeePass Portable 

KeePass portable is a free open source software that allows you to effectively manage all your passwords. The most outstanding aspect about KeePass portable is that it is incredibly versatile and is compatible with Mac, Linux, Windows, iPhone/iPad, and Android devices.

Why should you trust KeePass portable with all your passwords? This incredible tool put all your passwords in a highly encrypted database, and subsequently locks all these data using a key file or a master key. It therefore means that you have to remember only a single password to unlock all other passwords. This is truly a big relief for most online users.

Here are the outstanding features of KeePass Portable

  1. Provide high security

KeePass portable provide incredibly high level of security. It uses SHA-256 hash, AES encryption, and protection against dictionary words and guessing attacks. This makes it almost impossible for hackers to mine your passwords.

  1. Portable

KeePass is truly portable. What does this mean? KeePass does not need to be installed. It can run on various platforms such as Mac, Linux, Windows, iPhone/iPad, and Android devices. It therefore means that you can access your passwords from most of your devices.

  1. Excellent organization

KeePass portable offers flexible and efficient organization for online users. You will be able to access features such as tags, entry groups, file attachments, and time fields. When you combine all these features KeePass offers unrivalled ease of use.

Image: Excellent organization

  1. Different forms of data transfer

You do not have to be a guru or have experience when it comes to transferring data in KeePass portable. Some of the methods available for you to transfer data include drag and drop, clipboard, auto-type, and plugins that allows you to integrate with other types of applications.

  1. Extensible

KeePass portable supports more than 40 languages. It means that language barrier will be the least of your problems when using this password tool.


Passwords are designed to protect your personal information from any unauthorized persons. However using one password across different sites may put your information at risk if the passwords lands on the wrong hands. It is therefore important to create different passwords for different sites. KeePass portable is a safe tool designed to manage all your passwords.

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