Will Mavado return to help Police?

June 7, 2018

[Sharingbuttons]A noon deadline was issued by the police as they planned to a questioning session yesterday, they wanted Mavado to be there, but he didn’t show up. Sources revealed that he left the island on Sunday and they figure the police should be aware of that. The entertainer is being represented by lawyers who stated that he does not live in Jamaica and he always goes back to his home in the US after he visits the island.

Mavado was shot at when he visited the island recently and he reported the incident to the police, because of that he is alarmed at the fact that the police wants to question him. There was an argument between Mavado and an individual, after which a group of men was brought to the scene by the man and Mavado was shot at, but he escaped unhurt. Someone is being held at the Constant Spring Police Station because of the shooting.


It seems as though the police would need Mavado to look at persons who are in custody to see if he can identify any of them as the persons who were there when he was shot at. The lawyers are saying Mavado has been a law-abiding citizen and he is not connected to any criminal network. There have been a number of killings in the Cassava Piece area since Mavado visited and there is a need for the criminals to be caught and get punished for the crime they have committed. 


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