Will Smith Says He Had Been Abused Racially by the Police More Than 10 Times

In a podcast hosted with Angela Rye, the 51-year-old Hollywood actor who played in the “Bad boys” movie as well as the hit 90’s series “Fresh Prince”, had stated that he has more than 10 times had racial experiences of abuse by the cops, being stopped by the law enforcers on these occasions just for his skin color.

Will Smith stated that the mayor who was in power in Philadelphia where he is from had an iron hand in ruling and as a result that has led to his many instances of racism in the state.

In these many instances, he said that he had been derogatorily referred to as a “N!G@$R”. Will Smith mentioned to Rye on the podcast as well how much he supports the Black lives matter movement as he appreciates that people have been putting in their efforts for racism to end.

He mentioned to the podcast that according to his perspective the country is now at a new place, somewhere they have never been before as the world is acknowledging the movement against racism in Ameria and they want to know how they can help but he further noted in relation to the protest that rage even when justified can be dangerous.

He further commented that peaceful protest is the way to go.

He noted that the world is seeing the peaceful protest and reacting to it in a positive way. Will Smith also described peaceful protest of somewhat of the opposite nature of the oppressor’s behavior and gives a clear picture of what is really taking place.

The actor further mentioned that he is impressed by this generation and how well they have been managing the situation and says he is giving his commitment through service to the evolution of his community, country and the world at large so that there can be achieved the greatest harmony at this time.

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