Witness in Klansman “One Don” Trial Says One Of Blackman’s Bodyguard Is A Soldier

October 2, 2021 12:39 PM

In the case of the “One Don” faction of the Klansman gang who have been brought before the court under the Anti Gang legislation, the first witness who said he was a reputed gangster in the organization have given information to the court, which has already implicated several persons as the cause for many of the group’s alleged illicit activities.

One important reveal that was made by the star witness, was that one of the gang’s alleged leader’s bodyguards was a soldier.


The reveal was made while the prosecution was doing a dock identification of the other members of the gang in courtroom number two, which saw the witness calling for them to show one of the defendants again, who was wearing a white shirt.

After being allowed to identify the defendant, the witness told the court that he was familiar with him, and referred to the man by his name which he said was “Jermaine”, who he said told him that he was a soldier by profession.

According to the witness, “Jermaine” was one of the bodyguards that protected Bryan, the alleged leader of the gang. The former member of the gang testified that the recognized bodyguard visited his house twice with ‘Blackman’ while he was hiding from the police, which is how he found out he was a soldier.

According to the witness, Bryan also had two other bodyguards by the names of Dylon Mclean who was always standing by the alleged gang leader’s side with a gun in his waist, and Tareek James who he said was living with ‘Blackman’ for some time.

The witness on Thursday also released other information concerning the hierarchy of the gang and their alleged operations of extortion at the bus park in Spanish Town, as well as a feud that took place at Dallas Lane with the identities of the persons involved in fuelling the violence.

The man who testified also spoke of an infamous vehicle called the “Duppy Truck”, that was used to transport gunmen to do shootings and murders. The witness also highlighted other details concerning the in-depth information on the operations of the “One Don” faction of the Klansman gang; however, the testimony was paused due to Chief Justice Bryan Sykes having other obligations for the day.



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