Woman Beats Herself With Hammer To Frame Her Boyfriend, Friend Releases Video – Watch Video

March 29, 2023

Some relationships turn sour after both parties go their separate ways, but in some cases, one of them seeks revenge on the other. In a video that was released on Twitter, a woman was seen taking it to the extreme.

The video begins with the woman inside what can be perceived as the living area of a home. She is then seen hitting herself multiple times with a claw hammer vigorously on the leg. The voice of another female is then heard laughing and saying, “Do your forehead again.” The voice can be speculated to be that of the woman’s friend.


The woman contemplates hitting herself on the forehead with the hammer before changing her mind and starting to hit her upper body with the hand tool.

Her friend then asks, “What are you gonna do if he’s lying and you’re just abusing yourself for no reason?” This would indicate that the woman is planning on saying that someone else inflicted the wounds on her; the woman, however, did not give a response.

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Not soon after, the video transitions to the woman hitting her leg again, then finally yielding to her friend’s request to hit her forehead. The video then ends abruptly, as the woman continued to abuse herself with the hammer. Angry commenters expressed disgust for the woman’s actions and made it known that she needed to be charged.

See comments below:

Video of the woman beating herself with a hammer below.



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