Woman Blames Buju Banton Following Miles Myrie’s Death in Angry Rant – Watch Video

Amidst the ongoing speculations surrounding the death of Buju Banton’s 20-year-old son, Miles Myrie, an estranged woman has come forward to tell her truth. In telling her truth via a video, she puts the blame for the young man’s death at his father’s feet.

“Stop having yo children dem all ova di place and leaving yo kid dem at the whim of the F**ktup world,” she said before detailing that Miles lived with her for two months. According to the woman, she met Miles via her son who brought him to her house.

She went on to explain her personal situation and said that she called his family to “pick him up” which they did. However, she next stated that they collected him but they did not “do their due diligence… they did not take him to get him help,” she went on to state that they released him back on the street.

“They knew he had issues,” she outlined before blaming Buju Banton for not bringing his son to Jamaica. According to the disgruntled woman, Miles was on the streets begging, “and no body can tell mi nor prove mi wrong,” she said.

“He did not give a f**k about the kid,” she shouted at one point.

Notably, Buju Banton has not yet commented publicly regarding the passing of his son.

The video of the woman expressing her feelings on the matter was posted to YouTube by KingMixUp Channel on Wednesday, it has been getting a lot of reactions from viewers. Watch the video below:

In reaction to the female’s statements, one person questioned, “You have done good where is the mother?” While another person stated, “She sound like she just gave a problem with black men in general.”

See some more reactions below:


The exact date of Mile’s death is unknown and it would appear that he died for days before Jahazeil Myrie announced his brother’s death, however, on the heels of Jahazeil’s revelation, rumours are now circulating that the aspiring artiste was badly beaten by someone close to him.

Additionally, unconfirmed pictures allegedly of Jahazeil showing his face badly injured are also making rounds online. Notably, several years ago, rumour flew that Buju got into a physical altercation with his other son, Markus Myrie after a disagreement.

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