Woman Caught Stealing Baby Diapers – Watch Video

In a startling incident captured on camera, a woman was caught red-handed stealing baby diapers from a store. This occurrence sheds light on the desperate measures some individuals may resort to in order to meet their everyday needs.

The video shows the moment the woman stealing the diapers was confronted by security guards at the supermarket. A particular security woman was seen issuing instructions to the woman caught in the act.


However, it’s unclear what the security was saying because of the language used; the incident apparently took place in an African country based on the accent and language used by the guard.

At the beginning of the video, the woman is spotted standing in front of numerous baby diapers on the floor. The package that the diapers was in is also visible on the floor. Following the security guard’s instructions the woman lifted her blouse, which had more diapers, she subsequently dropped that set of diapers on the floor.

Another individual also got involved and started pointing while uttering some instructions; the woman who was caught stealing then began taking the diapers off the ground and packing them in a bag she held in her hands. This may be a sign someone assisted her with the cost of the item or she had to gather them and return them.

See the video below:


The video was shared by questtimesofficial to Instagram with the caption, “Jah.” In this particular case, the woman’s seemingly desperate act may reflect her inability to afford a basic necessity like baby diapers, as the majority of the commenters under the Instagram post sympathize with the woman’s actions and the situation she found herself in.

One commenter wrote, “Just mek she gwan wid dem yaah mn Baby need pampers.”

Another wrote, “Stealing is wrong but come on, its diapers for her child take that damn camera out her face and if if you can help you help, some people go through a lot at least it wasn’t no wig to put on her head she just tryna make ends meet.”

Jamrocksouthatl replied by stating, “Somebody find this lady. We’ll sponsor her 6 months worth of diaper!”


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