Woman Eaten Alive By Massive Snake; Footage Shows Body Being Taken From Snake’s Belly – Watch Videos

Saturday, June 8, 2024, 3:40 PM

A woman named Farida, 45, was discovered inside a massive python after going missing in Kalempang village, South Sulawesi province, Indonesia. Farida disappeared on Thursday night, and her body was found the following day by her husband and local residents.

A search began after Farida didn’t return home, prompting her husband to look for her. Upon finding her belongings, he became suspicious and enlisted the help of villagers. They soon encountered a python with an unusually large belly.


The villagers decided to cut open the snake, revealing Farida’s body inside, the mother of four was still fully clothed. The body was wrapped and taken away from the scene.

The python, a reticulated species, was reported to be at least 16 feet long with TMZ reporting it at 20ft. Farida’s husband, Noni, expressed deep regret, believing that if he had accompanied her, the tragic incident might have been avoided.

He lamented the suffering she endured and apologized to their family. Videos are now circulating online of the snake and the villagers.

Watch the videos below:

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