Snake Strangles Man After He Wraps it Around His Neck – Watch Video

A snake show quickly turned deadly when a snake started to strangle a performer. It took a while before anyone realised the man was actually being choked when he remained on the ground for a short period of time, it appears they thought it was a part of the show.

The man was initially putting on a show with the large snake, wrapping it around his neck and gesturing to the audience that surrounded him as he stood in a ring. Whatever he was demonstrating to the audience did not last long because, right after putting the snake around his neck, the creature started to squeeze.



The man first went down on his knees before falling to the ground face-down. In the footage that surfaced showing the incident, his hand was extended behind him, flopping. His foot slightly shook, and his body lay stretched out.

Subsequently, two men rushed to his assistance and hastily unwrapped the sneak. While one carried the snake away, the other attended to the man, who seemed unconscious. The video concluded with two men trying to remove him from the centre stage.

Watch the video of the incident below:


Since being posted on X, formerly Twitter, on Monday evening, it has garnered over 4 million views and over 34.1K likes.

One social media user said, “They took way too long to help him. He traumatized the kids, smfh,” and another wrote, “Who puts a boa constrictor around their neck and hope their neck is covered with adamantium? It’s like put your hand in a hornet’s nest and saying let’s see if they sting.”

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