Sizable Snake Found on Road in Jamaica – Watch Video

A snake on a stick. While most Jamicans are afraid and won’t go close to a sizable snake that’s from the wild, there are some who are amused and would play with or attempt to capture it, like these individuals in the video below.

The 18 seconds long footage shows a snake that appears to be at least four feet long, wrapped around a stick that was being held by an intrigued male.


Several men stood around the snake and the man with the stick as they seemingly attempt to capture the snake or move it from off the sidewalk and place it into the bushes.

It was a frantic scene, as shown in the video below:

It’s unclear what happened to the snake after the video cut, it’s also unclear the date the video was captured. The exact location is also unknown, however, the source says it took place in Negril, Jamaica.

One person watched and commented, “Hope they don’t kill it,” in concern for the creature. Another person questioned, “Is that native to Jamaica?”

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