Woman Fatally Stabs Boyfriend Then Cuts Off His Genitals in Colorado Hotel

Saturday, May 18, 2024, 7:13 AM

A Colorado woman, Shenting Guo, 32, faces second-degree murder charges after allegedly severing her boyfriend’s penis after an argument. On the evening of May 14, officers from the Grand Junction Police Department responded to a distress call at the Woodspring Suites on Market Street.

The woman, who was hysterical and performing CPR on an unresponsive male, was unable to explain why she believed he was dead during the emergency call. Upon arrival, officers found a bloodied bed and the naked man lying on the floor with his feet under the bed.


Despite initial attempts to revive him, the man was later pronounced dead at the scene, suffering from a severed penis and apparent trauma to his genitalia. A stab wound was also discovered on his leg. The suspect, who was visibly upset and crying, was arrested and charged with murder.

She allegedly admitted to the police that she had argued with her boyfriend oversleep and accused him of impregnating her again. The argument escalated, and Guo claimed she stabbed him in the leg in a fit of anger. Later, she cut off his penis and discarded it in the hotel room’s trash can.

Following the stabbing, Guo reportedly went to a store to buy rubbing alcohol, antibiotics, and beer, but forgot bandages. The man, feeling cold and fearing for his life, was given ibuprofen, water, and greens by Guo, per the report.

The police affidavit also reveals that Guo, while speaking to law enforcers outlined that she did not intend to kill him but acted out of anger. The female is currently being held by the police and is set to appear in court on May 22.

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