Woman Gets Robbed After Leaving ATM at Night – Watch Video

A woman streaming Live on Facebook was robbed shortly after exiting an Automated Teller Machine (ATM). The robbery was partially captured on the live session after the female visited the ATM at night to withdraw some cash.

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The Live stream that was recorded and shared online shows the unidentified female exiting her vehicle and approaching the ATM. She appeared to have hopped on the Live stream, fearing that some “weird shit” would occur because of the numerous “homeless people” in the area.

She had passed someone in a grey hooded sweatshirt during her walk to the ATM. She apparently told the person that she did not have anything to give him. She continued along her way and briefly stopped to look in a direction obscured from the camera’s view.

When she resumed her walk and entered the ATM, she stated, “Oh my God. He’s so weird. Amma hurry up.”

After using the ATM, she started her journey back to her car and released a sigh of relief when she did not see the individual. “Oh, thank God, I don’t see him…No, wait, he’s still on the block,” she said, realising that the male had not left.

As she tried to return to her car, the man in the grey hooded sweater attacked her. The video became inaudible after the tussle and ended following expletives from the woman.

Watch the video of the robbery below.

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