Woman Gets Robbed by Motorcyclist – Watch Video

A woman was robbed by a motorcyclist in broad daylight when he suddenly stopped at her feet and demanded the items she had in her possession. A surveillance camera captured the blatant robbery, and the footage surfaced hours ago on Twitter.

The clip, dated September 29, shows the woman in a pink top and black tights walking just outside a house when an armed man on a motorcycle rode up to her. The gunman, posing as a bearer with a delivery bag strapped to his back, swiftly approached the female and withdrew his gun the instant he halted his motorcycle at her feet.


 In the audio, the armed man, who is wearing a helmet, is heard making demands. When the woman is reluctant, he jolts his gun, which makes the female cry out in fear. The woman then hands over a stack of cash and her cell phone, which he pushes into a crossbody bag before quickly riding off. There was no visible licence plate on the motorcycle and no words written on the insulated black delivery bag he carried on his back.

Watch the video of the robbery below.

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