Bank Robber Gets Shot During Failed Robbery – Watch Video

Wednesday, September 21, 2022, 3:04 PM

Footage of an attempted bank robbery has surfaced online, showing a masked perpetrator speeding into a bank. Apparently, the robber intended to rush in, nab the money, and flee the scene. However, the only thing the robber got on his way out was bullet(s). The incident was captured on a security camera positioned just inside the entrance of the bank and two other cameras angled towards the counter, where the bank tellers operated.

The footage begins as a masked individual darts into the bank with what appears to be a bag. An officer enters the general banking area from a side door, sees the robber bolting towards the counter, and withdraws his firearm. Quickly, the perpetrator heads towards the counter and jumps over it. The moment the robber lands behind the counter where a staff member stands, the security arrives and pushes the woman aside as he aims at the thief. When the thief observes that the officer is approaching with a gun, he scales the counter and tries to flee. The officer subsequently discharges his weapon, shooting the thief, who falls and scurries out of the bank.


Watch the video of the attempted robbery below.

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