Woman Robs Bank To Access Her Own Savings – Watch Video

Wednesday, September 14, 2022, 9:46 PM GMT-5

A woman named Sally Hafiz robbed the BLOM Bank in Beirut, Lebanon on Wednesday with a pistol, demanding the money that she has saved in her savings account.

Hafiz reportedly was able to get more than $13,000 from her savings, which she claims was urgently needed to pay for her sister’s cancer treatment. She also alleged that the firearm used was fake.

Since the incident, she has been lauded as a hero across social media in Lebanon, as several other persons are unable to access their funds. Her bravery has also encouraged other persons to follow suit in retrieving their savings from the banks.

According to reports, a financial crisis occurred in Lebanon three years ago which has caused the banks to lock out most depositors from accessing their savings. News media, Reuters reported that people have been limited to withdrawing a total of $800 a month.

Watch the video of Sally Hafiz below:

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