Man Shot And Killed In Kingston While Trying To Prevent A Robbery After New Rules

A young woman was being robbed in Kingston Jamaica after leaving Alkaline’s New Rules party at the National Stadium early this morning. A passerby who tried to assist was shot dead.

According to the Jamaica Observer, the police say that the individual is a 21 years old man by the name of Orthniel Rowayne Thomas and upon trying to retrieve what was stolen during the robbery, he was shot and killed.


The James Hill Clarendon resident worked at a call center in Montego Bay and around 3:50 am this morning, two men who were armed with a handgun and travelling on a motorcycle confronted a group who were leaving the party just along the Tom Redcam Road, close to the library.

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The police stated that the man behind the driver dismounted the motorcycle and proceeded to rob a woman of her bag which Thomas then reportedly tried to retrieve.

He was shot by the robber in his upper left leg before collapsing on the ground and the other persons in the group except for the lady who had her bag stolen, ran, leaving the injured man. The shooter escaped on the bike back during the chaos.

The woman, still unnamed, halted a passing police cruiser who then rushed Thomas to the Kingston Public Hospital where he was later pronounced dead at 4:00 am.

The St. Andrew Central police are investigating the incident.


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