CCTV Footage Of Double Murder and Robbery at Chinese Supermarket in St. Elizabeth

Sunday, January 30, 2022, 5:29 PM

On December 23, 2021, there was a robbery in the Bellevue District, Southfield of St. Elizabeth that led to the death of the Chinese owners, who are known as John and Jojo. The CCTV footage has recently been retrieved, showing exactly what took place inside JoJo Supermarket.
The footage shows when the three robbers entered the supermarket posing as customers. With all three robbers wearing masks, one of them is shown wearing an orange short pants, and he evidently was the shooter. He is seen taking several items from the shelves and carrying them to the counter as if to purchase them. The other robber, wearing a black shirt, took a handbasket and walked around the supermarket with his 2 accomplices as they scouted the area.
The first shot was fired when 53-year-old John attempted to pack the shooter’s items in a box, unaware that the man standing behind him had a gun. The gunman was seen pointing the gun at his head, then he was fatally shot.
The killer searched the murder victim’s body before they began searching the open cash register. The customers were ordered to lay flat on the ground while they searched for cash and anything else of value. The other closed cash register was unable to be unlocked by the gunmen. It was during this time the shooter shot the 48-year-old Jojo in her head. The robbers used one of the customer’s handbag, which they had ceased, to carry the cash they stole.
Also caught on camera is the act of one shopper, who didn’t care about what took place as he stole 2 bottles of rum and left the store. Approximately 3 minutes later, the police arrived and took the female to the hospital as she showed signs of life, but died not long after.
The police are currently trying to identify the murders and are asking the assistance of the public for help in catching them. Persons are advised to call (876) 960-1617 or 119.



The police also ask for persons to help in locating one of the employees of the supermarket, who is now a person of interest. The footage shows that employee leaving the supermarket minutes before the gunmen arrived, and he has not been seen or heard of since the incident took place.
In addition to this, when the deceased couple’s son, Wenqiang Shu, was contacted by TVJ News he said he had applied for a gun license from the Firearms Licensing Authority (FLA) last June to protect his family, but he was denied it.

Check out the viral footage below that’s currently the number one trending video on youtube in Jamaica.

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