Silk Boss Tells All In Exclusive Interview – Says He Was Robbed And Beaten By Friends – Listen

Dancehall artiste Silk Boss did an exclusive interview with popular YouTube Vlogger and previous manager, Terro Don, where he gave intricate details about the brutal beating he received from two men on camera.

During their telephone conversation, Silk Boss disclosed that the assault occurred sometime last month and that the men are from the Gulf community in Gregory Park, St. Catherine. He added that in a rage of badmind and jealousy for his thriving music career and lifestyle, the video was released to the public this week.

“Yuh si because dem do weh dem do and me cut off every man dawg and nah deal wid no man dem dem a pree seh dem ago tarnish Silk Boss career.” He continued, “a bay threat me receive and one a d threat dem is a bay fly me and Brii a fly go a Canada and mi nah link no man.”

Silk Boss further shared that he was not the only one assaulted, as Brii, his manager, and baby mother was forcibly pushed to the ground, “No dawg down to me woman dem disrespect to brother, dem shub down all me baby mother a grung and some style dawg,” he said.

Divulging further, the Surgery artiste said that the two masked men in the video were close friends of his, even to the point where he supported them, included them in music videos, and also would have them attend his stage shows. He also dispelled the rumours saying that he refused to perform at a treat when asked by the Don in the area, as according to him, he was placed on a poster to perform without his knowledge, but was in Canada at that time.

Silk Boss stated that the assault happen on a day when he told one of the men about his plans of purchasing a BMW vehicle, as he had been saving money to do so for some time. He said that when he met the man, he was robbed of about $1.4 million and brutally beaten.

“Yea a rob dem rob mi, dem rob mi mi money weh mi did ago use buy me car bro,” he said.

The entertainer also declared that the attack has nothing to do with his rival Dancehall artiste Jahshii and said that persons should not bring him into the mix. “No Jahshii nah nth fi do wid dis bro, anybody call Jahshii name a wicked brother,” Silk Boss said.

Overall, Silk Boss says that he is high in spirits and will not let this stop him on his musical journey. He affirmed that this situation will only make him stronger and promised to learn from the experience.

Listen to the full interview below:

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