Promoter Warns Silk Boss And Brii To Return Event Deposit To Prevent Legal Action

Tuesday, August 30, 2022, 9:48 AM

Darnel, the promoter for the Nuh Umpi Scumpi event that was hosted in Westmoreland on Saturday, July 2, 2022, is perturbed by the lack of professionalism shown by Silk Boss and his manager/girlfriend Brii. The artiste was a no-show to the event and Darnel stated that partygoers were made aware that he would be absent (because he apologized to fans in a video) before he even heard the news.

According to the promoter, it has been over two months now that the deposit for the show was made to the Surgery hit artiste to ensure his attendance. According to a video uploaded to the Amari Deraisx YouTube channel, the contract for Nuh Umpi Scumpi stipulates that in the event of a no-show from an entertainer, any money owed should be returned within seven days of cancellation by the artiste.


In response to the promoter’s request to have the funds returned in full by the owing party, Brii stated, “refund will be given within thirty business days.” She went on to state that they might receive the funds before the given timeframe but that the promoter is free to consult a lawyer to ensure that what she is saying is legitimate because, “we’ve never scam anyone before.” Commenters, after hearing what she had to say, urged Silk Boss to seek better management. One person remarked, “can’t even form a proper sentence bout manager,” while someone else said, “Silk boss need to get a reliable and credible manager. See brii a clown.”

The reason given for the no-show was that Air Canada had a lot of flight delays and cancellations happening during the time of the event and Brii said that the contract was still valid in regards to the return of the deposit. A viewer corroborated this by stating, “actually…there was some issues from aircanada staffing in mid June to July for true….I live in Canada so that part is true.” The contract details can be seen below;

Darnel is worried about the damages to his reputation as a promoter and his credibility to book artistes and have them in attendance. Silk Boss may be looking at additional compensation if the promoter decides to sue for any damages caused because of how the situation is being handled.

Watch the full video below;

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