Silk Boss Disses Jahshii Again In “Last Nation” Music Video

Silk Boss is back with another diss song that soared up YouTube’s Trending For music chart at number 4, which is currently one spot behind Jahshii’s Miggle Day, but is he lyrically ahead of Jahshii?

Dancehall deejay Silk Boss, born Rohan Reid, has fired another shot at his rival Jahshii, slamming him as an informer, among other things, in his latest single, Last Nation.

Last Nation, named after Jahshii’s record label 1st Nation, was released yesterday with Silk Boss spitting grimy lyrics that counteract Jahshii’s Miggle Day diss track.

Silk Boss began by saying his rival started a war but was running away and mentioned that Jahshii took an entire month to counteract his two diss songs.

He said, “The ghost tek one month fi ansa mi, who lift him dead body, do him sumn well tragic.”

He asked next who boosted Jahshii to do a counteraction song, which he believes is weak.

He suggested, “betta Nyam Pree did a write yuh trune dem,” which is a diss to Don Pree, Jahshii’s artiste, who responded to the first diss song he released.

“Shot a knock and skull a crack, mi cudda swear a 2 egg,” he continued.

Silk Boss also implied that Jahshii might not be the biological father of his child and that the father could be Poppins, a producer. “Him baby madda say nuh worry but him affi worry, cause him youth fava Poppins,” he claimed. “All Fag Pree deh deh nyam bay cratches.”

In response to Jahshii saying Silk Boss “cold up” in Miggle Day, Silk Boss replied, “Mi neva cold up, mi left a hole inna dem head just like a doughnut.” “P*ssy think seh him a man of steel and him a robot, when di rifle dem a claat, him face chip off like when a toe buck,” he added.

“Born fighter,” he said, mocking Jahshii’s hit song. “Eh ghetto product, as an informer di ghetto know yuh.”

He also called Jahshii a nerd in the chorus and stated, “Last Nation nah do nuh murda, bout dem a put duppy pan burner, likkle bwoy gwan dung inna dah dirt yah.”

He later asked who “Trashy” was trying to bully, adding, “Yuh head a buss, yuh brain skin out like unda Abby p*ssy, sent dem up wid aunty Lucy.”

Additionally, Silk Boss called Jahshii a rookie in the song for shooting himself, so Silk Boss “go finish give him a couple bullets.”

Watch Silk Boss’ Last Nation below.

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