These Are The Reported Reasons Behind Silk Boss’ Brutal Beating – Watch Videos and See Photos

Dancehall entertainer Silk Boss has been a hot topic following the brutal beating received on camera by two men. Since then, rumours surrounding the reason for the attack have been circulating, with speculations saying that it is a reprisal from the ‘Don’ of a community in Gregory Park, St. Catherine called Gulf.

Allegedly, it is said that the ‘Surgery’ artiste and his manager/baby mother, Brii, went to a treat in the community last month where he was asked to perform by the ‘Don,’ but refused by saying he did not come to the area for that. This resulted in the Don sending out men to teach them both a lesson, with Brii being pushed to the ground and Silk Boss being assaulted. Furthermore, an amount of $40,000 is said to have been paid by the entertainer to not have the video leaked to the public.


Another rumour is that Silk Boss was demanded by the same Don to purchase two guns, but this request was also denied, which resulted in him getting abused by the men. It is said that he was also robbed of about $1.4 million which was saved as a deposit towards purchasing a BMW.

But, could it be that it is a friendship gone bad between the entertainer and the Don? Silk Boss is said to have close associates from Gulf, even mentioning the community’s name twice in songs. That is, one where he ‘dissed’ Gulf, while another where he ‘big-up’ Gulf.

A diss track titled, Last Nation, by the artiste which was aimed at Dancehall rival Jahshii, heard the artiste said, “Jahshii start war and him fraid a me, si seh dem shaky like Gulf smaddy”.

While earlier, Facts, another diss track aimed at Jahshii is a clear indication that the two were on good terms when he said, “Yow Gulf wah do dem likkle boy yah, rifle blaze dem up like seh a 10 destroyer”.

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