Woman Jumps To Death From Cruise Ship

Saturday, February 19, 2022, 12:45 PM

A shocking ordeal took place on a Carnival Cruise Ship in the area of the Gulf of Mexico, as a woman was reported to have jumped to her death off the sea vessel.

It is understood that the female whose name is still unknown to the public was handcuffed by Security guards while onboard the ship, and whilst being detained she was said to be screaming the name “Alicia”, after which she was brought to the dock to seemingly calm down.


Based on a video that surfaced online with the incident though, it showed passengers on the Carnival ship looking overboard in the water, which was the forbearer to the news that the female had taken a 10 story high jump in the water.

According to Eur.web who initially brought the story, one person travelling on the ship made claims of seeing the woman jump and hitting the side of the boat before the disappearance in the sea.

It is also understood that the Carnival ship, navigated the area that the woman was thought to be for several hours but there was no sign of her. The Coast guards were then said to have taken over the search but after some time they called the operation off as they were unsuccessful in finding the unidentified female.

With regards to the incident, the Chief warrant Officer operating at Sector, New Orleans, offered deep sympathies to the family of the woman, also making it known that when searches are called off the decision is never easy.

Watch footage of the woman getting detained below before jumping.

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