Woman Murdered Execution-Style On Maxfield Avenue – 3 Dead, several injured in Olympic Gardens Shooting

Tuesday, September 6, 2022, 10:20 PM

Execution-style killing in Kingston, Jamaica leaves residents in shock after the body of a woman was discovered with a gunshot wound to the head on Tuesday, September 6, on Maxfield Avenue.

Reportedly, at around midday in the area, the residents heard a blaring explosion and alerted the police, who in turn searched and found the body of Tasahna Josephs with a single gunshot wound to the face.


Upon hearing the news of his daughter’s demise, the father of the deceased openly grieved. He shared that he was at home when he was relayed the news by his granddaughter of her mother’s passing. He said, “Come me a come look for her when I hear me granddaughter say me mother dead.”

Shedding tears of anguish, he continued, “All now me can’t understand why them would a want to do my daughter that, the first of my five children.”

Informants from the area alleged that Josephs was killed by gunmen.

Hours later, two different gruesome, gun-related attacks befell the members of the Olympic Gardens community in Kingston and St. Andrew. The incident left three men dead, and several other residents injured.

The first attack took place around 5:00 PM when masked men mounting a motorcycle opened fire on three individuals at the intersection of Balcombe Drive and Welcome Avenue. Two of the victims of the shooting have since been pronounced dead.

Deputy Superintendent of St Andrew South, Coleridge Minto stated, “A group of men were sitting in a shop on Welcome Avenue when a group of men drove up on a motorcycle. It is reported that several explosions were heard.” Continuing, he recounted that after the explosions subsided, three of the seated men were found afflicted by gunshot wounds. They were taken to the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) where two of the men died and the third is being treated in the operating theatre.

During the processing of the scene by police personnel, another attack was initiated in the Olympic Gardens community, on McDonalds Place.

Reportedly, armed men appeared, this time driving in a motor vehicle, and started firing at a group of people. Three individuals were injured in the assault. One is said to have died as a result of their injuries while the state of the other persons involved remain unconfirmed.

There have been no established motives for the attacks and the victims are yet to be identified at this time. Investigations are ongoing.

Footage from the scene of the Olympic Gardens shooting can be seen below:

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