Woman Nearly Lost Her Sight After She Mistakenly Used Nail Glue for Eye Drops

A Michigan woman made a mistake after she thought a bottle of nail glue was an eye drop and almost lost her vision last week. Reports stated that Yacedrah Williams was asleep, but she woke up at 1 a.m. and tried to remove her contact lenses because they were too dry.

She searched inside her purse for her eye drops, and pulled out a bottle of nail glue by mistake.

She dropped the liquid in her eye and tried wiping it away and it sealed her eye shut, Williams reported later.

She called her husband to call 911 and started throwing cold water as she  tried to pull her eyes apart, but it couldn’t move. .

Yacedra was rushed to a hospital and doctors there managed to open her eye and also removed her contact lenses,

Head of Opthalmology at Beaumont Health, Dr George Williams explained that if wrong substances ever get into your eye, immediately you should  try flushing it out by using water from a nearby faucet or a bottle of water.

Even if you make a mess you might save your sight. Her doctors believe that it is likely that her contact lenses saved her vision.

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