Woman Plans Her Partner’s Funeral While He Is Alive

A woman has revealed her plan to arrange her partner’s funeral without his knowledge. The thought of dying is unsettling for most people, which appears to be the case for a specific 50-year-old man. The man reportedly dislikes discussions about death, prompting his partner to take matters into her own hands.

In a letter, the woman revealed that her partner, with whom she and her daughter reside, treats her well. The letter also mentions his good relationship with her daughter, who is in college. Additionally, the man has two grown children who live on their own.

The 40-year-old woman indicated that their relationship had faced challenges in the past due to his infidelity. “My daughter’s father didn’t treat me well, so I had to leave him. This man treated me better, and I learnt to deal with his many girlfriends,” she wrote.

According to the letter, the current issue the woman faces is her partner’s refusal to set aside money for difficult times. She expressed that when she mentions saving, he dismisses the notion, saying that he earns enough to pay the bills and enjoy life. However, after the man fell ill and was hospitalised, she found herself struggling to pay the hospital bills and purchase the medication.

“After he left the hospital and was at home recuperating, I convinced him to make a will and he did,” she wrote.

The writer stated that the man specified in his will that he would leave her the three-bedroom house they are living in.

Furthermore, the letter noted that despite her partner’s distant relationship with his relatives and siblings, he appointed one of his brothers as the executor, a decision the woman did not approve of. Notably, the brother he chose had visited him in the hospital.

The letter detailed that his illness is severe, prompting her to not only set aside a funeral suit but also discuss burial costs with a funeral parlour.

“He said he does not like to hear me talk about death, but I have to…I can’t let him know that I contacted a funeral parlour. I think everybody should put away something for their funeral while they are strong and working,” the letter concluded.

The letter was originally posted on The Star via the Dear Pastor column.

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