Queenie to Receive Surgery Following Hospitalisation for Ruptured Appendix – Video

Social media personality Queen Ladi Gangsta will be going into surgery after being hospitalised for a ruptured appendix.

Popularly known as Queenie, the Double Tap singer recently reunited with her husband, Dowey, and appeared to be in good health in her recent social media posts. However, news surfaced on Thursday that she had been hospitalised and scheduled for surgery after experiencing extreme pain since Tuesday.

Queenie reached out to her supporters on social media, sharing a video from the hospital. In the video, Queenie can be seen attached to an intravenous line (IV) while in bed, as she shares that she is very sick after her appendix ruptured.

Despite her sudden illness, Queenie expressed confidence that she would be okay and requested that her supporters pray for her.

Her husband also requested prayers for his wife in a post to his Instagram Stories.

“Love yuh mi baby. Nah stop pray fi yuh @queenladi_gangstaa. Let the prayer go up and the blessing fall [ … ] Mi royal konnect keep the queen ina uno prayers please and thnx,” Dowey wrote.

He also expressed confidence that she would be okay, writing in a separate post, “Life ova dead mi baby.”

View Dowey’s posts below.

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