Queenie Helps Dowey Drag Momo Online, Momo Claps Back – Watch Videos

Since reuniting with her husband, Queenie has responded to critics who chastised her relationship. She has even helped Dowey to diss Momo, whom he was initially rumoured to be dating last year.

Dowey previously revealed that his rumoured relationship with Momo, legally named Monique Palmer, was fake. The two were said to be friends, but the friendship apparently ended badly. It is unclear what Momo did to upset the couple, but a video captures Queenie mocking Momo while Dowey drags her.

“Yuh siddung inna your car from 6 to bloodcl**t 6… Yuh know seh, if you siddung from 6 to 12, yuh need to wash yuh bloodcl**t p***y gyal? Did you know dat?” he asked in the video.

In the background, Queenie can be heard laughing, and she appears later in the video, smiling and encouraging her husband as he continues to throw shade at Momo.

Additionally, there are two videos of Momo clapping back at Dowey and exposing the bad things he reportedly told her about Queenie. In the first video, Momo can be seen sitting inside a vehicle while claiming that Dowey said he had threesomes with his wife and that she ordered him to leave the room multiple times.

“Yuh seh when unuh have di threesome dem, more time she mek yuh leave di room… caw she nuh wah yuh see… Yuh nuh see seh not even she trust yuh? When yah tell mi dat, why di f**k mi wudda trust yuh? Yuh seh when unuh have threesome, if she a suck p***y and dem something deh, she nuh mek you see,” Momo said.

In the second video, Momo is still seen in the vehicle at night. She stated that Dowey was excited when they were faking the relationship, but he was irritating her because he was acting like a “big p***y gyal.” She also expressed that Dowey did not play the role of a fake boyfriend well.

Continuing, she mentioned that Dowey claimed Queenie always discusses her deceased daughter, Rochelle, for attention. She added that Dowey said that Queenie even cries to receive sympathy but does not genuinely care about her daughter.

Watch the videos of Queenie, Dowey, and Momo below:

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