Dowey and Momo Spending Christmas Together in Jamaica – Watch Video

Thursday, December 28, 2023, 11:38 AM

Following his split from social media personality Queenie, Dowey has returned to Jamaica for the holidays, with the aspiring artiste spending Christmas with his new companion Monique Palmer, more popularly known as Momo.

After a tumultuous two-year marriage with Queenie, Dowey left his wife, suddenly leaving for Canada a few months ago. Queenie later shared that she had ended her marriage in August, citing Dowey’s consistent lack of respect and jealousy as the issues that ultimately caused the rift in their relationship.


Though he and Queenie remained legally married, Dowey has since moved on to social media personality Momo. As his estranged wife is not one to spare her combatants on her infamous live streams, Queenie has lashed out at the pair online.

However, both Dowey and Momo appear unbothered, sharing photos and videos from their trip to Jamaica, as they are slated to host All White Affair event on December 30. With the event a few days away, the pair have been enjoying each other’s company and attending local parties.

During a live stream on Wednesday, Momo shared that even though she and Dowey are dating, she still allows him to party with other girls and said that she will have to find him a girlfriend as she will be returning Overseas soon.

Momo went on to post a happy photo of her and Dowey, along with the caption, “I haven’t stop smiling.”

Dowey also gave a look at how the pair have been spending time together.

Watch the video below.

Some fans are saying that Dowey’s latest actions affected Queenie’s ability to put on a solid performance at Sting 2023. Check out Queenie’s reaction to the critics below:

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