WATCH: Queenie and Dowey Reunite, “Dowey mi miss yo, mi get sleepless nights”

Many times, Queen Ladi Gangsta and Dowey’s tumultuous marriage appeared to be on the verge of dissolution, but the couple always reconciled.

The last conflict in their relationship kept them apart for six months. However, it seems the separation is over as they recently reunited for an interview.

A preview of the upcoming interview was shared on Wednesday, announcing that the full interview will be released at 8:30 p.m. on Thursday.

The pair met with podcast host Ragjhon Brown of The Total Package Show and openly expressed their emotions and love for each other.

The preview first features a clip of Queenie engaged in a one-on-one discussion with the host. In the clip, she apparently explains why she chooses not to dwell on the negative experiences in her marriage.

Queenie stated that she is an “optimistic person” who was taught to overlook bad deeds by focusing on the positive ones.

A second clip shows the couple sitting side by side while Dowey explains that he sometimes attempts to “block the love” but ultimately misses her.

The preview continues by showing a third clip in which Queenie professes her love, saying, “Dowey, mi miss yuh. Mi get sleepless nights, bless mi kids dem fi stand by me…Mi cyah hide from mi self.”

Watch the interview preview below:

After the preview was shared on Instagram yesterday, most of the comments it received consisted of criticisms from viewers who either believe Queenie is making a mistake by seeking to rekindle her relationship or suspect that Dowey is taking advantage of her.

IG user nynitenurse wrote, “Dewey wants that new house she bought.”

Another IG user, named mimpsey, said, “Mighty God of Nazareth, one ole ooman can suh fool fool?????”

Also, IG user dr.jallwood expressed, “I don’t wrong Dowey one bit. If yuh get someone to use why not make use of it😂😂😂 guys 2 more months and unuh watch the ride. Poppy show😂😂😂😂💯💯💯.”

Read more of the comments below:

Additionally, another video emerged capturing Dowey whining no Queenie outside, apparently confirming their rekindled relationship. In the video, Dowey can be seen caressing his wife’s breasts and placing his hand between their lower bodies in a suggestive manner, eliciting laughter from Queenie as she calls out his name.

The video was shared by Dowey on his Instagram page on Wednesday afternoon with the caption, “A the rum dweet 7 send mi a heaven #1queenwave @queenladi_gangstaa.”

Watch the video of Queenie and Dowey below:

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