Nadine Sutherland Clarifies Marriage Rumours – Watch Interview

Sunday, January 14, 2024, 10:57 AM GMT-5

Rumours of a sudden private wedding for Reggae singer Nadine Sutherland were circulated online after the entertainer posted a picture of herself in a white dress holding a bouquet.

Sutherland was pictured standing on a beach’s sand in a mermaid tale wedding dress but with no ring in sight. Speculations of a promotional stunt for a music video also ran rampant on social media.


However, in an interview with popular talk show host Winford Williams, Nadine Sutherland finally speaks out on the origins and meaning of the picture that she posted online.

According to the songstress, “I am not married, I never got married, I never eloped.” She pointed out that it was a simple misunderstanding and that the picture and its caption, “Finally!!! Can’t stop me from smiling,” were taken out of context.

Sutherland spoke about not wearing a ring in the photo to indicate her being married and stated that it was simply a promotional picture for her upcoming music video for her single Can’t Stop Me From Smiling. “What happened is that the director…took a picture of me in my married gown…we knew that we needed something to promote my video, so we used the married picture,” she clarified.

She said that she went to sleep after posting the picture and woke up to multiple calls and notifications (even finding herself on Pinkwall) questioning if she was indeed married or not.

Ultimately she mentioned, “This just got out of control…and I knew I could not answer people by people by people about me being married.” Although some of the comments included unfiltered opinions, Sutherland noted that she knew it was all coming from a good place and was able to be light-hearted about it.

Watch the full interview below:

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