Queenie Reminisces on Dowey “I do miss him… Mi miss mi husband, but mi glad him gone” – Watch Video

Despite her tumultuous two-year marriage, Queenie shared that she misses her husband, Dowey. The social media personality candidly discussed her emotions during a live stream.

A screen recording of the live stream surfaced online, showing Queenie wearing a red blouse and headband adorned with roses. Seemingly Valentine’s Day had her feeling away about not having her husband around.

“Yuh see di marry dat man marry to me, all when him hate me and diss me, yuh see di accept mi accept it and feel so good, dat ago mek Dowey prosper,” she stated in the video.

She also reflected on the good days, including when Dowey showed his support during her live performances.

However, it seems that Queenie might be experiencing a bittersweet period because she also expressed that she does not want to rekindle her relationship with Dowey.

Dowey and Queenie separated sometime last year, and Dowey was initially rumoured to be dating social media personality Monique ‘Momo’ Palmer, but Dowey later denied the rumours.

“Mi miss mi husband, but mi glad him gone. Him do mi a favour. A do miss him, and mi nuh miss him cah mi nuh want him back, I miss him because last year dem time yah him deh a Jamaica and him come up a day after Valentines, which is today,” she expressed.

Continuing, the Double Tap artiste noted that her popularity grew after Dowey entered her life, and for that, she is grateful.

“I don’t wanna be back with my husband. Mi love mi husband enough fi love him from a distance,” she added.

Watch the video of Queenie below:

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