A’mari All Smiles as She Shows Fans Her “Older Children” – See Photo and Video

Social media personality A’mari shared a photo and video showing her older children. A’mari who is also known as DJ Mona Lisa is often seen with her daughter, Destiny, whether they are out and about, singing, or engaging in heated arguments.

However, on Valentine’s Day, A’mari revealed to her 417K social media followers that she has another daughter and several sons. In the family photo, A’mari is standing between her older daughter and one of her sons.

The picture captures A’mari wearing a jacket while she wraps her arms around her children. Her daughter, wearing a grey top, can be seen in a black wig, and her son, sporting a brown top, rocks a natural afro.

On the ground, two more of A’mari’s sons are kneeling as one poses with a fist under his brother’s chin. Both smiling men, wearing dark-coloured tops, are rocking locs.

The picture was posted on A’mari’s Instagram page with the caption, “A’mari and her older children #happyvalentinesday.” The post garnered over 5000 likes since it was shared on Wednesday.

Also, see a video posted with another of her sons who was not in the photo below:

In total 5 of her kids were shown and most people know of her young daughter, taking the tally to 6 kids known to the public, however, there are speculations that the outspoken entertainer has several more kids that the public doesn’t know of.

In the comments section, the picture received compliments and humorous responses, with some noting that one of her children resembles Bob Marley.

One comment read, “Nice kids❤️❤️❤️ one a dem all look like Bob Marley, him could a play Bob ina the one love movie.”

Another remarked, “Omg these are some pretty ass kids❤️❤️❤️❤️.”

A third person wrote, “So Mona you did deh with Bob 😂😂😂😂 yuh affi explain this to the fans 😂😂😂.”

Read more of the comments below:

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