Woman Poisons Boyfriend Shortly After He Inherited $30M

Wednesday, November 1, 2023, 10:37 AM

A woman from North Dakota, USA, was arrested and charged for poisoning her boyfriend. The report details that the accused, 47-year-old Ina Thea Kenoyer, murdered her 51-year-old boyfriend, Steven Edward Riley, after finding out that he was going to break up with her.



Riley’s death came hours after he had inherited $30 million, which led the police to theorise that “financial motives” drove Kenoyer to put antifreeze into something Riley consumed.

According to the details surrounding the September 5 murder, when Riley went to meet with his lawyer on September 3 to collect his inherited wealth, he became ill. On September 4, Riley was found unresponsive at his home by the paramedics after receiving a 119 call from Kenoyer.

On September 5, Riley died at the hospital, and the autopsy concluded that his cause of death was ingesting antifreeze.

Kenoyer was charged on Monday but had claimed she was innocent on Facebook before being arrested. She also declared that Riley was the only man she wanted in a post on Facebook, according to the New York Post.


When speaking to the police, Kenoyer said she intended to share the money with Riley’s son, who took to Facebook to share his grief and said he had a feeling Kenoyer killed his father.

Kenoyer reportedly presented the argument that, as Riley’s common-law wife, she was entitled to the money. However, common-law relationships are not recognised in North Dakota.

The most serious murder charge in North Dakota, AA felony murder, is being brought against Kenoyer. According to court documents, she is representing herself while being jailed without bond at the Ward County Detention Centre.


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