Woman Robbed of KFC Chicken by Thieves on Motor Bike

A KFC customer was looking forward to biting into a piece of spicy chicken breast that she had bought at the popular restaurant in Cross-Roads, St Andrew, on Monday.

Even though her taste buds could not wait for the mouth-watering meal, she decided to wait; but as she walked towards her home 2 men on a motor bike rode close to her and grabbed all the food she was carrying, which included 21 pieces of fried chicken and a 2 litre Pepsi that she had paid $4,820 for.

“Mi not even did expect it to happen, and to how mi feel shame mi not even think fi go to police because people a laugh after me when it happen so mi think the police dem would a laugh to,” the woman revealed to the JAMAICA STAR.

Be More Careful
“Mi know a Christmas time and the thieves dem out, but mi shock when it happen because mi did think a mi phone and money dem want. When dem grab mi bag all mi hear miself a seh ‘teef, teef, dem teef mi chicken.” the woman said.

The 37-year-old woman who is a mother of 3, is so afraid of being ridiculed that she doesn’t want her name to be mentioned.

However, she wanted her story to be told, so that other persons will be aware that the thieves are grabbing even food now.

She also said she heard of other people getting robbed on retirement road, close to where she was when she was robbed by thieves on motorbikes also.

Checks with the police made no difference, as they did not get any report of the incidents.

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