Women Found Alive In Ocean After Suicide Attempt… See Video

Tuesday, September 29, 2020, 10:23 PM

A woman was found off the coast of Colombia floating, from what was, later discovered, to be a suicidal attempt. Astonishing footage of the woman whose name is Angélica Gaitán was captured on camera by fishermen passing by.

The captured video shows Gaitán in the water floating but still breathing. Initially, the fishermen thought it was something else in the water but later on discovered it to be the body of a woman.


They saved her then brought her to land while filming the event as it occurred. While on land Angélica, got help with water and a chair then she got transported to the hospital, where she revealed her story.

She said she was in the water for eight hours, claiming it was God’s blessing to her that she is still alive. Angélica’s story was that she grew up being abused, eventually getting into an abusive marriage.

She said abuse affected her to the extent of her having to live in a home for the abused. Gaitán said that the treatment she gets at the place she stays is terrible as she is not being allowed to see anyone. Not even her husband.

It was after this frustration Angélica said she made up her mind to end her life and leave everything to God. While at the hospital, she recounted that she had asked someone where to find the nearest ocean and which they did, also helping her with bus fare.

She explained that she immediately went to the ocean and threw herself in the water. Angélica is alive and giving God thanks as she sees it as her blessing.

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Check out the video below to see what took place.

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