World Boom takes Aim at Skillibeng “The War is On”

Thursday, March 18, 2021, 12:34 PM

Dancehall top selector talks his mind about Skillibeng in his most recent live show with Harry Hype and according to Boom Boom the East Syde artiste is not playing a fair ball game after he helped to let him through the gates in dancehall music.

The outspoken selector took to social media previously to talk about an artiste that is not promoting the music he produces for him, at that point Boom did not call any name however now he is making it clear as day who he’s talking about.


The Billboard selector while playing a popular tune on his show pause the music to make a telling statement, “Can’t style world team.. memba that one side gully side next to gennasyde… and wi nuh beg friend.. tell them the war is on” says World Boom.

It’s widely believed that Boom Boom aka World Boom was vital in the launch of his career after campaigning his song “Brik pan Brik”. According to World Boom he had to address the matter because his fans are in his DM asking why Skillibeng is not promoting the song that was recorded on World Boom’s ‘BMW Riddim”.

The song is titled “Ramp Up” and it was not shared on Skillibeng’s Vevo nor his Instagram page which shows that something went wrong between the two. Dispute saying the war is on between the two, World Boom also wishes Skilli all the best in his career and outlines that he won’t be looking back to Skillibeng’s side, East Syde.

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