Yanique Talks About Doing More “Plastic Surgery” Amidst Criticism – Watch Video

Pictures have surfaced on the internet of Yanique “Curvy Diva” Barrett, looking not so curvy. The reaction of the masses, in most cases like this, was one of hilarity. However, the amusement was not shared by Yanique, as she addressed the issue, but in a lighthearted manner.

During a session on Instagram Live, she stated, “heavy weight a keep, food a keep, and the thing is me believe innah plastic surgery. Me a one a dem weh nuh hide it.” To continue, she voiced that she is not shy about admitting that she has had work done on her body and estimated that it has been about eight or nine years since.


The Curvy Diva explained that the reason for the delay in getting the follow-up surgery is because of her busy schedule. But, in an easygoing fashion, she said, “but right now unnuh a push me. Mi all call mi doctor and say…aye! Janus weh yuh say?”

She then revealed that her doctor told her not to let public opinion stress and weigh in on her decision to do the procedure sooner than planned as nothing is wrong with gaining weight. “So what?”, she stated, “the people dem a gwaan like me kill somebody.”

Yanique declared that if this is what fat people has to go through, then she is willing to speak up for them because, “unnuh still look good.” To finish, she vocalized, “…tree nuh drop innah mi face, mi pretty and so wah? yeah, mi still have one husband…”

She also proclaimed that she is doing quite well for herself and that the public is blowing things out of proportion, because whether someone is big or not, it should not matter.

Take a look at the video below:

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