[Sharingbuttons]For almost a week, YANIQUE ‘Curvy Diva’ Barrett has been trying to get in contact with her stylist, Keshia Hawthorne.

The recording artist/host, who is known to be a fashionable force to be reckoned with, told a source that she had been seeking his advice for outfits to wear for the performance with American rapper Safaree in Hartford, Connecticut, on the weekend.


“Keshon is not one to ignore my phone calls or messages and when I did not receive any reply, I thought that something was seriously wrong with him”

She went on to say never in life would she imagine that her stylist would have been overseas on DRUGS CHARGES.

“ I was more in the frame of mind that he was ill or worse, hospitalised,” she said

The LIFESTYLE entertainer shared that she had actually heard about the arrest of Montego Bay DJ, DJ Crazy Chris, and his run-in with the US Border and Protection officers in Charlotte, North Carolina, before receiving news about Hawthorne, who, according to reports in international news media, was held in the same state two days before for allegedly trafficking cocaine.

Curvy Diva said she was in disbelief and tried calling his phone multiple times and when he did not answer, she accepted that it was the same Keshon Hawthorne that she knows.

He has styled the Curvy Diva for many years, and worked with her to create the various looks in the LIFESTYLE music video, and was also the designer of the head-turning black bodysuit she sported at Reggae Sumfest 2018.



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