Yardhype features artiste/producer “Jonze Lmg”… looks to make his mark in 2018

[Sharingbuttons]A prominent dancehall artiste/producer which goes by the name Jonze Lmg has geared up and is now ready to claim his place in the music industry. The Manchester based artiste which biological name, Romaine Jones the second of six, has discovered he possessed the talented to be a hardcore dancehall artiste/lyricist in his early teens, 15 years of age that is. That’s the age he decided that music is his true passion and that’s the career he wish to pursue.

Jonze Lmg recorded his first song at a home studio all the way in Mile Gully Jamaica entitled ‘Cya Dis Greenvale’ which was well-received by the public according to the 21 year old artiste. Jonze Lmg has done numerous recordings such as:


Marching band ft Voult – X – produced by Dre Swade Production
Tired a dis – produced by his own label which consist of two producers: himself and his brother Voult – X Limitless Music Group Production
Shella Shella – produced by Limitless Music Group Production
Fren – produced by Limitless Music Group Production

And recently Dancehall Promo Productions release a song entitled Eradicate which has accumulate up to 3,000 views on YouTube within 1 day. “Big up dancehall promo productions” said the aspiring artiste.

“Music has been great, has its time when you think there’s no time, its ups and its downs. But I’m enjoying every moment of it,” he said. I’m creative, have styles and flows that is marketable and will constantly have its impact on both the younger and older generations. Mi a wah producer to suh mi know how fi mix and master mi song dem. A whul heap a work a gwan right now as mi speak. Whul heap a unreleased song inna di studio ready fi drop fi di year 2018 and so on. Just look out fi di mass general song dem a beat inna u ears day to day u ere.

My music has no limits that why mi even name mi label Limitless Music Group Production.




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