Yendi Phillips Shows Off 7-Month-Old Pregnant Tummy and Shares Her “Roller-Coaster” Experience

Yendi Phillips has been experiencing a “roller-coaster” pregnancy and is thanking the heavens that she is in her final trimester. It was only over two months ago that the Miss Jamaica World 2007 winner revealed to the public that she was pregnant, igniting excitement on social media with a photo that showed her small baby bump.

The baby bump, which has been flaunted in multiple pictures since then, has grown quite a lot, serving as evidence of her being far along. To be precise, the soon-to-be mother of two is seven months pregnant, and in her most recent post, she showed her supporters just how big her tummy has grown.


The post was made to her Instagram page Monday morning with a lengthy caption detailing the complications she has endured during her second pregnancy. The photo, a testament to her renewed health, showed her bathing in the sunlight in a crop top and short shorts. Yendi appears extremely content, stretching under the bright sun rays with a big smile.

In the caption of the post, Yendi started by telling her fans that she has been on a “proper roller-coaster ride,” adding that she has been throwing up a lot and “experiencing severe hyperemesis (morning, noon and night sickness).” She also had to receive IV drips and had difficulty sourcing effective medication before she eventually landed on the treatment used for chemotherapy patients to ensure she could “even keep down water.”

She continued by saying, “Keeping my legs up, doing minimal activity and being diligent with treatment while dealing with some unnerving and scary spotting. Then, I got knocked by what felt like the worst flu I’d ever experienced, which then triggered the vomiting all over again! Being trapped in the duality of being absolutely grateful for our blessing but struggling with the physical toll it was taking on my body and mind. The greatest conundrum!”

Yendi subsequently said that she has been trusting God and His will, as well as the support of her doctor, husband, daughter, friends, and family.


Near the end of the note, she said that she is finally feeling like herself at seven months pregnant, allowing her to go on sunrise walks with her husband. She concluded her post with a string of hashtags, including “#WashBelly,” a popular Jamaican term for the last child. Yendi seems to be letting everyone know that she is not going back for a third after popping out baby number two.


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