YK Osiris’ Baby Mother Claims She Caught Him With A Man 

Nastassia Thomas, the mother of YK Osiris’ second child, seemed to have been frustrated with people asking her about the father of her child when she admitted to catching him with another guy; she became the mother of the rapper’s baby in 2022.

YK Osiris, who is more formally known as Osiris Jahkail Williams, was born on September 7, 1998, in Jacksonville, Florida, according to The Vogue. The rapper and R&B vocalist made his public debut at the age of 18 after releasing a number of songs he wrote and released himself and being noticed by big names in the music industry.


He later signed a deal with the record label Def Jam. His hit single “Worth It” entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart in early 2019 and, along with another song by the name of “Shakira,” helped make up the list of songs on his first album, The Golden Child.

Nastassia Thomas became known across the internet as “LoveStassia” after becoming a Vine and Instagram sensation, according to the website www.allfamousbirthday.com. She was born two days before Yk Osiris on the fifth of September, however, in the year 1983. In a post on Twitter, she seemingly insinuated that her rapper baby daddy is gay when she released the post saying that she caught him with a guy.

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She neglected to get into details about the shocking revelation, but it has since caused the public to confirm their suspicions about the rapper’s sexual orientation. The post that was released earlier today read, “Stop asking me what happened to my bd, I caught him with a man ok.”

Twitter post of YK Osiris’ baby mama implying she caught him with another man:

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