You can Become a Driver for Uber, Now that It’s Coming to Jamaica

Uber the ride-sharing app will be available in Kingston, Jamaica soon. Now lessor partners will have the ability to earn extra money at their convenience. The app is currently available in more than 10,000 cities in 69 countries. Uber connects a person who has a car and wants to lease their vehicle and drive. They will take people from their point of origin to the destination they choose. 

Uber has completed over 15 billion trips Globally as people make over 12 million trips by using the Uber app.


In order to be an Uber driver, you must be the owner of a vehicle that is a newer model than those made in 2010, must be 21 years of age or older, be able to present your driver’s license and insurance documents for the car.

In order to register to offer the service, you must download the Uber app for lessor partner, follow the instructions there and upload your documents.

In order to keep persons safe, the Uber app has key safety features that will be available on the island from the first day the service is offered. The Company says the safety protocols are for both lessor partners and passengers. 

There is mask verification technology with in-app selfies to confirm that masks are worn and lessor partner checklist, so health safety measures are kept.

Unreported or abnormal stops during the lease will be detected by a mechanism. All leases will be covered by Guardian Life, a leading insurance company in Jamaica.

 Lessor partner assistance will be available through the app all night and day.

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