Young Girl’s Body Found Lifeless Under 9ft Of Mud Rubble in St. Andrew

Monday, October 26, 2020, 9:23 PM
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Tragedy shook Shooters Hill, St. Andrew on Friday as a house collapsed with a Father and daughter.

The lifeless body of the girl’s father whose name is Romeo Leachman was first found buried away under mud rubble. There were some difficulties in finding the 15-year-old girl.


After some hours of digging with high hopes from family members and friends, everyone was crushed when at the bottom of 9 ft of mud they saw the body of Sanique Leachman.

Family members were deeply saddened by the event.

Caretaker Joan Gordon Webley was on the scene in Shooters Hill at the time of the find. She was shaken by the incident and said that she used to assist Sanique with money and school.

The wife of Prime Minister Holness, Juliet Holness also passed through letting the family know she will be there to help them with any financial issues they have.

She also advised people, who are building houses to be careful of the locations that they plan to establish their dwelling.

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